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I’ve been away for awhile due to my recent employment with my home state.

My new job is one where we work closely with the Highway Patrol, and thus, I get to listen to their radio traffic during my shifts.

This is not always a good thing.


Yesterday at about 4 pm, we heard the dispatcher transmit an “All Call” for a Signal 4 [traffic accident] with Signal 7 [fatality] potential on the Interstate.

Shortly after the Troopers arrived, they confirmed two Signal 7s and called for a supervisor.

Minutes later, they transmitted that two other victims were airlifted to the hospital.

Less than twenty minutes after the initial call, the supervisor radioed that a third victim was confirmed Signal 7 at the hospital.

The trooper who was with us went to his SUV and checked on the computer for further information about the PIA [personal injury accident] and returned with the grim news that the victims who expired, was a 38 year old mother and her 2 children[10 & 3 years old].  Her 2 year old survived, and was critical condition at the Children’s hospital.

I used to respond to Signal 4s, and had to deal with my share of Signal 7s.

It’s been quite awhile…but for some reason…I still get affected by the direct knowledge that someone lost their life.

Especially when that someone…is an innocent child.

A d’A

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So when we realized we were going to have to change our main OS [Operating System], we fully prepared by collecting our online bookmarks and transferring them to our Cloud.

With that, we proceeded to completely change the OS and configure all the updates and so on.

We then tried to retrieve our bookmarks from our cloud only to find out that the file was there, but it was empty…

We now have a new IT guy, and thus, the recovering of our bookmarks is almost complete.

We will begin to post more as the inspiration fairy hits.

Until then,

A d’A

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ichliebeIs it too early to start designing Valentine’s Day cards?

We hope not.

Clicking on the pic will redirect you to our online store.

Hey, give us a break, we’re not doing this for free…

Although, Thom does love it enough to.

A d’A

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